Custom Team/ Crew Uniforms

Wildink specialize in custom design and the manufacture of team uniforms! 
We provide premium quality uniforms custom designed specifically for your team! Manufactured at the highest quality without exception. 
All artwork is totally original and designed by our top Wildink artists. You can have whatever design you like, there are no restrictions!
Our experienced staff assist you from the beginning and we will help bring your dream team uniform to life. It only takes a few easy steps to get started!
If you are interested in getting a uniform designed for your team please call Dave directly on 0448 363 068 or email with your number and we can give you a call to give you all the information you need to get the process started. 

Garments Styles:

Unisex Polo 

Wildink Unisex Polo

Rev Zip Polo 

Wildink Rev Zip Polo

PM Tee Shirt 

Wildink Pm Tee

Team Jackets

Gear Bags

Wildink Gear Bags

Promo Model Uniforms

Wildink Promotional gear
Wildink promotional gear

 Contact us to discuss your future team uniform!

Rapisarda Autosport International in Wildink custom uniforms
Chris Hargrave team in Wildink custom uniforms
Cartledge Motorsport Team in Wildink custom uniforms
Rapisarda in Wildink Merchandise

All designs are copyright and have owners exclusive rights to Activated Industry.

Activated Industry is a specialist garment company, all designs are created for your business, and are unique to your company.

Activated Industry Australia Pty Ltd retains the OWNERSHIP EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS of these design creations, all its design components that makes up the design and the individual patterns. 

        No item designs by AI are able to be copied or reproduced in whole or in part with out the consent of Activated Industry Australia Pty Ltd.